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The Family

The Bentz family has been in the ranching business for five generations now. With ties back to the historic White Horse Ranch, each generation has built on the knowledge and genetics of the previous. The Bentz family started the horse sale and then later the heifer sale and have continued both, now with the involvement of their children.
Every year, part of this generational foundation is offered to the public through the sales. Mike and Linda Bentz continued the enterprises and ranching traditions headquartered in the scenic Juntura valley. The ranch stretches across the vast High Desert, utilizing the land to make proven horses and efficient cattle. The cattle are run under the V Box Brand and the horses are under the Spur Brand; both represent the years of selection and thought given to produce the desired animal.

Mike Bentz

In 2015, Mike passed away from a plane accident doing what he loved on the ranch. The family has chosen to carry on the legacy of what he and Linda built, so today the ranch and the Sales continue.

The Bentz Family

Ranchers Horse Sale

In 1993, we started the Ranchers Horse Sale with the mission to provide broke ranch horses. Each year, 35 head of horses trained in genuine cattle work on the high desert of Eastern Oregon are offered for sale.
The Bentz family’s horse program uses genetics going back Colonel Freckles, PeptoBoonsmal, Figure Four Fritz, Nitro Dual Doc and Doc’s Hickory breeding, selecting for good minds, temperament and athletic ability. The brood mare herd is run on the desert, foaling and surviving on their own and raising tough, agile colts. The colts go on through the program and are used for many years of ranch work spending long days on the desert moving and working cows. The young colts are exposed to a variety of circumstances until they become a well-seasoned bridle horses. Each year, 5-10 Bentz Spur Brand horses are offered at the sale, and the rest are consigned from honest, trustworthy consigners.

The goal is to produce a supply of clean minded horses while preserving our heritage.

Ranchers Heifer Sale

The Ranchers Select Bred Heifer Sale began in 2010 due to the market’s demand for top quality commercial black angus bred heifers. Each year, Ranchers Select sells between 400- 700 bred heifers. These commercial black angus heifers are selected from our herd and will be 22 months old and weigh 1000 lbs. at the day of the sale. They have been range bred to high performing bulls and are sorted for calving dates of February, March, April, and May, and sold in small or large lots by gate cut only.  We  also offer 150 head of mature cows at the sale

These one-iron bred heifers are born and raised in the harsh elements of the High Desert of Eastern Oregon. We have selected for strong mothering and fertility traits, structural soundness, and high yielding feedlot and carcass performance. From birth until butcher, the offspring of these heifers deliver what the producer and consumer is looking for. A profitable maternal herd increases the margins for any operation’s success.

With the highest regard for integrity, we believe in the traditional way of producing a quality bred heifer with proper nutrition, low-stress handling and sustainable agriculture practices just the way nature intended.

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